The importance of skin on skin care

“A mother has actual “thermal synchrony” with her infant. When a baby is placed in the kangaroo position, skin to skin with his mother, the temperature of the mother’s breasts actually change so that her baby can better maintain his own temperature. If the baby gets too cold the mother’s body temperature will actually warm up one degree to help warm the baby. If the baby gets too hot, the mother’s body temperature will decrease one degree to cool the baby. This even works when twins are kangarooed (Ludington-Hoe, 2004). Furthermore, the flexed position that the baby assumes on his mother’s chest as opposed to lying on his back in an incubator is a more efficient position for conserving heat.”

The Brain Limbic System
The Brain Limbic System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, okay, so maybe the baby doesn’t NEED a little hat, what’s wrong with putting it on anyway? A mothers limbic system is set up to receive the smell of her baby.

Research has demonstrated that the changes to the olfactory bulb and main olfactory system following birth are extremely important and influential for maternal behavior. Mammalian olfactory cues play an important role in the coordination of the mother infant bond, and the following normal development of the offspring. Maternal breast odors are individually distinctive, and provide a basis for recognition of the mother by her offspring”.

This can be disturbed by the very presence of this seemingly innocent cap. Human emotions are needed for a baby’s survival since needy infants are completely helpless and dependent on their parents for protecting, caring for and feeding them. Dr. Arthur Janov says:

What transpires between mother and child is a conversation between their right-side limbic systems .

When the mother is attuned to the baby’s feelings, her right limbic system is in tune, and she can feel what the baby is feeling and respond appropriately.

The more parental love there is, the more dopamine neurons in the right brain activate, giving the child a feeling of wellbeing.

The better the baby feels about its environment, the more optimum the dopamine activation in the right brain.

What happens when we receive mother’s love is that we feel good physiologically.